---------------- Of the million Indians who served in various wars, many have died and thousands have been unaccounted for. Many of them have been buried with honor, and few have been declared missing in action. Captain Ateet Rana, a star captain in the Indian army lead a unit in an operation. In a surprise ambush all the soldiers were killed and the body of Captain Ateet Rana was never recovered. He was declared missing in action. The ambush had a lone survivor, Vishwa Karma second in command to Ateet Rana. As per his reports Captain Ateet Rana had taken a bullet to his heart and had fallen off the cliff. It was impossible for him to survive the fall.

Years later when the search parties couldn’t find any evidence to his survival, Ateet Rana’s status was changed from missing in action to killed in action. Janvi is the daughter of a decorated Indian army officer. On her father’s insistence Janvi was married off to Ateet Rana at young age. His gentlemen and caring approach won over Janvi who had now settled down into a good army man’s wife. The Couple had a daughter named Sana. When Sana was an infant the fatal news of Ateet being missing in action had arrived. Left with no support, Janvi marries Vishwa Karma who extends a helping hand.

A decade later, Janvi and Sana have now moved on and lead a good settled life with Vishwa Karma. With a surreal twist of fate on the day when Vishwa Karma is declared Colonel, Ateet Rana returns, battered and beyond recognition. He is given a hero’s welcome.


As per the doctors it is difficult for Ateet to return to a normal life after having lived a decade in the wilderness. The doctors treat him for post war traumatic stress at the army hospital. Ateet barely speaks to anyone and, only reacts to a photograph of his family i.e. Janvi, and Sana as an infant. It is learnt that Ateet has returned with another soldier Nayab Kukri who refuses to come out in the open. The doctors requested Janvi to help them in bringing Ateet back to normalcy. Ateet indeed reacts positively to Janvi and soon improves.

Ateet now feels isolated and neglected by his own family. Instigated by Nayab Kukri to go and reclaim his family and glory, Ateet alleges to the regiment that it was Vishwa Karma who had guided them into the enemy’s mouth and that he was the reason the battalion was killed in an ambush. He calls Vishwa Karma a murderer. His allegations bring a peculiar atmosphere around Vishwa Karma who now has to answer many unanswered questions, as he was the only survivor.

As Ateet forces his way into Janvi’s family they experience a sinister presence around them, a negativity Vishwa Karma begins displaying erratic behavior: he becomes an insomniac, starts to drink heavily and is preoccupied with an imaginary squad that was killed at war. Janvi begins to feel threatened by her own daughter Sana, who is showing evidently new character traits.  Horrifying incidences lead to opening of dark secrets of the past. Did the enemy kill Ateet or did Vishwa Karma kill him? Who is Nayab Kukri? Janvi, stuck in between the past and the present stands up to discover the mystery to protect her daughter Sana. Question is, is Ateet dead or alive?






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Directed by

Tanuj Bharamar

Produced by

Funtime Entertainment


Harshil Patel



Mukesh G


Bimal Agarwal

Anil Somani

Pramod Goyal

Anup Todi

Utpal Acharya

Ashish Wagh



Year of release



2 hours 6 minutes


Mayur Hardas


Harish Sagne


Joshua Rodrigues


Prem Modi


Priya Mani

Rajiv Khandelwal

Sanjay Suri

Deshana Dugad

Vipin Sharma

Pradeep Velankar

Shakeel Khan

Neha Bam