-------------------- Panchlait (Panchlight) is based on the short story written by Phanishwar Nath Renu, set in 1954’s rural India, the story revolves around a small village in North India that still has no electricity and its people live in darkness, engrossed in its own little sorrows and joys. The village consists different communities (tolas). One of them are Mahatos’ who have all decided to procure a Panchlait (Kerosene Lamp) for themselves, as having one is a mark of honor. Godhan, who belongs to the Mahato Tola, is outcasted from the village after he refuses to pay any part of his inheritance to the village and is falsely accused by Munri's mother (Gulri Kaki) for singing inappropriate Hindi songs for Munri. However, the day that the tola decides to celebrate by bringing in their own panchlight, the sarpanch realises that no one from the tola apart from Godhan knows how to light the petromax. Keeping aside his ego, the Sarpanch annuls Godhan's punishment and sends a word for him, who finally becomes a part of the tola and also helps the village in being lit up, becoming the hero in everyone's eyes. Finally, the story ends on the note, Godhan lighting the lamp and the gleaming light transforming the darkness of the village and of the villager’s hearts into a kindle of light, bringing joy and happiness.


Panchlait (Panchlight) means Petromax is a kerosene lamp which uses paraffin in it and then a hand pump is used to pressurize it, in order to light it up. The innocence and simple-mindedness of the villagers could be observed through the superstitions which surround the lamp and through the depiction of their struggles and actions when they are subjected to modern technology.


Directed by


Funtime Entertainment


Anil Somani

Pramod Goyal

Anup Todi


Phanishwar Nath Renu

Screenplay & Lyrics


Joy Supratim


Sanjib Dutta


Kalyan Sen Barat


Anirban Sengupta

Executive Producer

Kunal Goyal



Year of release

17 November,2017


2 hours 5 minutes


Amitosh Nagpal

Anuradha Mukherjee

Yashpal Sharma

Rajesh Sharma

Brijendra Kala

Ravi Jhankal

Pranay Narrayan

Lalit Parimoo

Iqbal Sultan

Arup Zaigirdar

Punya Darsan Gupta

Kalpana Jha

Malini Sengupta

Miska Halim

Arunima Ghosh

Uma Basu

Nayna Bandyopadhyay

Punit Tiwari

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